No matter what symbol you trade, this amazing Software Plugin
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The Wyckoff Market Analyzer is a plug-in that works seamlessly with Trade Station, MetaStock, MT4 and Ninja Trader.

It is compatible with all Windows operating systems.

The Wyckoff Market Analyzer a/k/a The Weis Wave, was developed by David Weis. David is an outstanding Wyckoff trainer, with over 40 years of successful Wyckoff trading experience. He always uses this powerful trading tool which finds low-risk trading situations on charts of any time period.

While the Wyckoff Market Analyzer can improve a trader’s success, it is extremely valuable when intra-day or swing trading. This important trading tool shows the Wyckoff trader when a bearish or bullish change in behavior has occurred.

Using tried and true Wyckoff techniques, this dynamic trading software
has been designed to identify price and volume action exactly like
Richard Wyckoff saw as he read the ticker tape.

The best part is that you can create and adjust the wave retrace setting for any stock you choose. Experience tells us that a stock should experience between 8 and 20 individual waves during each trading day.

The Wyckoff Market Analyzer allows you to experiment and fit the number of waves that work best for your trading criteria.

No matter what symbol you trade, this amazing Software Plugin has been proven successful in every market.

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Dear Wyckoff Trader,

Did you know that over 80% of market volume is
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Do you want trade Stock Indexes, ETF’s Futures,
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Here Are Some Important Answers

  1. Successful Wyckoff traders need to see the individual waves,
    for the markets they are trading.\
  2. The Wyckoff Market Analyzer is the only software that presents
    Price Waves AND Wave Volume for any market.
  3. This amazing trading tool applies Wave Charts
    to your trading platform’s existing Charts.
  4. The Wyckoff Market Analyzer works for Short Term Intraday Trades, Swing Trades and Intermediate to Long Term Trades. You set the parameters. The Analyzer shows the way.
  5. This exciting new software is derived from the tape reading techniques of Richard D. Wyckoff and adapted to fit the volatility of today’ markets.

It is the PERFECT trading tool to
INCREASE PROFITS using the strategies and techniques
presented in the Wyckoff Tape Reading and Active Trading Course.

How Does it Work?

Traditional bar charts subdivide price movement and volume into equal periods of time. Anyone who watches intraday charts knows price movement does not happen that way.

Instead, it unfolds in a series of individual buying and selling waves. Dividing prices in this way does not impede one’s ability to recognize a trend. But, placing volume into equal bundles of time, does. It obscures the true force of the buying and selling and this is critical to determining profitable entry and exit points.

Here’s an Example

Let’s look at a Wyckoff Market Analyzer chart of Deere & Co. (DE)

See how wave volume jumps out and sends a very convincing message. You can see a high-volume decline to the April 12th low.
The down wave lasted six days. The daily volume looks relatively low. HOWEVER, look at the cumulative wave volume. It is quite heavy.

Wyckoff students know that this is a bearish change in behavior.
This is a perfect trading opportunity!

Now Watch What Happens

There are five waves on the rally from April 18th to April 29th. Price spread and volume decreases on the three up-waves. This emphasizes the weakness of the rally.

If you only look at the daily volume, the weak demand is not as obvious.
It jumps right out on the Wyckoff Market Analyzer.

Supply is again heavy on the next decline but the daily volume still doesn’t show the true picture.

What a great place to go short. If you bought 10 puts on Friday, April 29th or even on Monday, May 2nd, you would have made a profit of over $10,000.

What About Intra-day and Swing Trading?

If you are a swing trader or day trader, the Wyckoff Market Analyzer is totally indispensable. It points out low-risk trading opportunities for Stock Indexes, ETF’s Futures, FOREX, Commodities or Individual Stocks AND allows Wyckoff traders to set their own time and/or tick readings to match their trading symbol’s volume.

It is important to understand that different trading vehicles have different price movements and volume levels. The Wyckoff Market Analyzer trader can easily adjust time frames and tick readings that make it amazingly simple to see turning points. You automatically see every change in direction which helps you maximize your profits

For Example:

Here is a 5-minute chart of the September 10-year US Treasury contract.
In this example, prices have already moved down from an earlier high.


Here we see heavy wave volume on the two downswings to the 9:05 a.m. low.
From this low, the wave volume fails to increase on the three small up waves.

The last of these consists of a mere 12,000 volume that indicates demand is spent.
This provided a very low-risk short trade and a nice profit in less than two hours.
Another of many examples of easy, profitable, intraday trades that are found simply by using the Wyckoff Market Analyzer.

Here’s Another

The intraday volatility in the E-Mini S&P makes it a favorite among day traders. Some of the best wave volume setups appear in this contract. Let’s look at Wednesday, July 13th. Here we see an exceptional trading opportunity that shows the importance of Wave Volume.

This is a 5-minute bar chart of the September contract. In the morning, as the S&P rallies, you can readily see how the wave length and volume diminish as prices move higher. At the top of the third up wave, where the thrust shortens, short positions should have been established. The first down wave from this high draws out massive supply— heaviest of the day. On the subsequent two rallies demand evaporated, thus offering additional entry points for shorting the market. The second of these two up waves consists of only one 5-minute bar.

Without the bearish picture of the wave volume, the strong close on that bar could have caused some traders to close out short positions.

For the rest of the day the S&P reacted and good supply was present. The Day Trader would have closed the trade at the end of the day. The 14 point move resulted in thousands of dollars in profits, depending on the size of the contract.

Without the Wyckoff Market Analyzer
many Traders would have missed most of this move.

“You must always be on the lookout for a change in this immediate trend.
It is likely to change its direction from one to three times in a single session. This is how you detect the change. In an up trend.
It happens when the selling waves begin to increase in time and distance, or the buying waves shorten.
Either or both will be an indication of the change in the immediate trend.”

Richard D. Wyckoff, Tape Reading Course, 1932

Intermediate Traders Can Profit Too

The Wyckoff Market Analyzer also works for Intermediate Traders.
These charts of Boeing show supply coming in to the stock.
as it reaches the $80 level.

After a brief down wave, Boeing rallied on dramatically reduced volume.
Traders could short the stock here, at the $79-$80 level or wait as Boeing fell through the Ice and rallied back for a Last Point of Supply at the $78 to $78.50 level.
Boeing then entered a beautiful down trend channel and finally became oversold, relative to that channel in late June. The stock was then at the $70 level. The Point and Figure Chart gives us a 10 point count at just over $78 and a maximum objective of $69.

When it became oversold, Boeing was well within the objective area and Wyckoff Market Analyzer traders pocketed a nice 9-10 point profit.

These are just a few of the trading success stories uncovered by the

It’s Simple to Install…. Easy to Use….
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The Wyckoff Market Analyzer comes in two parts: Wave Line and Wave Volume, which can be superimposed on top of any traditional bar chart. You can also make the Bar Chart invisible and let the Wave stand by itself.

Daily and Intraday Waves are automatically created,based on your parameters. With the Wave chart you get a crystal clear picture of supply and demand, right before your eyes.

The Wave Volume is the secret to finding those critical turning points.
These produce great low risk trades.

Automatically loads into your trading software.

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