A History of Richard D. Wyckoff &wyckoff
The Stock Market Institute

Richard D. Wyckoff went to work on Wall Street as a very young man. He was extremely successful and soon owned his own brokerage firm.

He printed an extremely popular market letter and also published the nation’s first financial magazine entitled “The Magazine of Wall St.

In addition, he developed a significant stock advisory service and employed a large analytical staff.

Towards the end of the 1920’s, poor health found Wyckoff rejuvenating himself on the French Riviera.

He recognized the approaching stock market crash and returned to New York to try and convince friends and clients of the impending disaster.
In 1931, he returned to Wall St. and formed Richard D. Wyckoff Associates, which eventually became the Stock Market Institute.

The Wyckoff method was enhanced by Robert Evans through the Chicago based Stock Market Institute. The Institute then moved to Phoenix, AZ where, until his passing, it was shepherded by Craig Schroeder.