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Welcome to the SMI Evans Echoes Lectures. Over the years, the Stock Market Institute has focused its efforts on teaching the Wyckoff Method to over 5 generations of students. While many stock issues have appeared and disappeared (Mr. Wyckoff probably would have been shocked to learn that a stock could be named Google). the Wyckoff methods and principles have remained constant and made many Wyckoff traders very successful.

The lectures are a great opportunity to brush up on important Wyckoff principles. It’s the little things we tend to forget that seem to yield the nice profits.

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Evan’s Echoes

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EE-1: The Shell Hunter’s Tragedy

In his interesting and unique way, Robert Evan’s explains the pitfalls awaiting the investor when a stock doesn’t reach its supply line during a rally. Don’t let this tragedy happen to you

buy_now1headerbar3EE-2: The Wyckoff Wave,
O-P Index &
Trend Barometer

The O-P Index and Trend Barometer are important Wyckoff tools.
Coupled with the related index or stock they make any analysis easier and more accurate.

Mr. Evans’ lecture on these critical market aids reinforces, as only Bob Evans can, the lessons learned in the basic Wyckoff course.


EE-3: Market Philosophy,
Income Tax & Fairchild Camera


EE-4 Market Philosophy
Mr. Evans discusses his market philosophies and debunks several conventional wisdom truisms like bear market rallies, dollar cost averaging and putting up margins. Does your philosophy match up?


EE-5 Think,
Decide, Act
How any times have you seen a trade not work out exactly as planned and, at the critical moment, did nothing? As Mr. Evans say “froze like a hunk of ice”. We’ve all been there. This lecture teaches us the important lesson of making decisions before that critical moment, making it easier to act and preserve your profits. If you’ve been there, this is the lecture for you.


EE-6 Anticipation
The Road to Profits

A must listen for every Wyckoff student. Mr. Evans made this lecture during the “Panic of 1965”.
He discussed anticipating this major market decline using the Wyckoff methods and tools. Why listen to a lecture made over 45 years ago? Because there are amazing similarities between then and the “Disaster of 2009”. Evans discusses why and his road to stock market profits.


EE-7 The Law of Supply & Demand Wyckoff Wave and O-P Index

The Law of Supply and Demand is a critical aspect of the Wyckoff trading techniques. In this lecture, Evans revisits this significant law. One attachment is a valuable of supply and demand. The second chart is a review of the Wyckoff Wave over a 4 month period and how its relationship with the O-P and the Trend Barometer easily identify critical turning points. You’ll also enjoy the gorilla story.


EE-8: The Frog Story

This wonderful lecture was made almost 50 years ago, but when you think of the recent bear market, it could have been made yesterday. A classic example of how these important investing principles will always work for the Wyckoff trader.


EE-9: How Stocks Move
Did you know that stocks move in a trading range 80% of the time and only move within a trend 20% of the time? Mr. Evans shows us how to find that elusive20% and profit.


EE-10: Tomorrow’s Battles
are Won Today

Opportunity knocks only once and this Evan’s Echo has helpful tips about how to prepare and recognize the next market move.


The One Eyed Joe
Do you just pay attention to a stock when it is moving? If so, like our friend old One Eyed Joe, you are probably missing out on big profits. Bob Evans insisted that this important story be told to every Wyckoff investor once every year.


EE-12: The Oops Story
Ever said oops, like you missed something? Bob Evans took this little word and turned it into an SMI classic. When something unexpected happens, it is important to quickly adjust to changing conditions.


EE-13: The Ice Story
Another Evans classic. An important lecture about falling through support levels (the ice), what to look for and what to expect.


EE-14: Anticipating
the End of a Decline

What does a 3″ x 3″ card and a rubber band have to do with the end of a reaction. Mr. Evans tells us and give us some important advice on to to see when a reaction is reaching its bottom.


EE-15: Searching For Counts

How far is a stock going to move? How do we know when to close a position and maximize our profits? The answer is in the count guide. In this lecture, Mr Evans explores where to take counts and how to make sure you are not over or under counting.



EE-16: Don’t Fight the Current,

or the trend. An important lecture about understanding the directions or trends of stocks and the market and then following them to nice profits.


EE-17: The Bridge Story

Even though the law of cause and effect is a basic Wyckoff you really believe? There were times Bob Evans didn’t, but this lecture is about this important law really, really works. Listen and profit.


EE-18: Using Market Tools

Are your stocks snails, ducks or grasshoppers? Once you decide, here are some excellent tools to help you find the right ones.


EE-19 Important Words,
Supply & Demand

Mr. Evans urges us to stop using the technical terms and interject the words supply and demand to explain each of our market actions. By saying, we understand. By understanding, we profit.


EE-20: Good Sound Reasons or Reasons That Just Sound Good

A very interesting commentary on what happens in the market. Are the professional operators buying or just testing? How important is stock sponsorship? Mr. Evans answers these important questions and gives us all a better understanding on how the market really operates. (no charts)


EE-21: You Have to
Have a Cause

Mr. Evans uses a soybeans
commodities chart to
describe the
law of cause
and effect.

Whether you trade
stocks or
understanding this
rule is a proven
buy_now1headerbar3EE-22: Learning Lessons
with Union Carbide-Part 1
Can you learn Wyckoff principles by studying a
60 year old chart?
The beauty of
Wyckoff is that what
worked 60 years ago
work just as well today.
buy_now1headerbar3EE-23: Learning Lessons
with Union Carbide-Part 2
Join Bob Evans as you
chart and paper trade
Union Carbide. It is a
fascinating and
worthwhile exercise.
buy_now1headerbar3EE-25: Who’s Boss?
Are you really in charge of
your trading activities?
Bob Evans say’s “Until
you’re the boss, don’t
enter the market” This
lecture helps you become
the Boss.
buy_now1headerbar3EE-27: Market Phases
Many traders look for
extremes and miss
opportunities. This is
especially true when
we look at accumulation of distribution phases.
Mr. Evans’ in depth study
of market phases and
the count guide will help
you find those missed opportunities
buy_now1headerbar3EE-28: Look for
Not Bargains
There are no bargains in
the stock market.
Was General Motors a
bargain at $5.00. Many
people thought so. This
lecture focuses on ignoring
the “bargains” and finding
good stocks and better

Just sit back and listen as
Mr. Evans looks into the reasoning behind
successful trading. When
you make a market
decision, do you always completely understand the reasoning that went into
your decision. If not,
this lecture is for you.
buy_now1headerbar3EE-30: The End of a
Down Move

An excellent discussion of Waves and down moves
and what is experienced
at the end on a down
move and the beginning
of an up move. Evans uses
all the Wyckoff tools to
make his important points.
(no charts)
buy_now1headerbar3EE-33: When a Spring
Isn’t a Spring

There are many different
types of springs, but one
truth. That is supply must
never be present.
Mr. Evans lectures on
springs and how,
if not examined carefully,
they may be deceiving
and expensive.
buy_now1headerbar3EE-36: Hunting For
Low priced stocks are
usually considered bargains.
But, are they? Prematurely taking a position in a
low priced stock can tie
up our funds and prevent
us from finding better opportunities. Mr. Evans
show us how to avoid
these “bargain” traps.
buy_now1headerbar3EE-40: Answering
the Basic Questions

In this lecture, Mr. Evans
focuses on answering a
student’s question on
trading ranges and
discusses ending action
and the emotional
discomfort of taking a
position at the wrong time.
If you’ve been there, and
we all have, this lecture is
for you.
Buying on Climaxes

Do you think there is a mechanical interpretation
to the market? If you do,
listen to this lecture on
Wyckoff principles, how
they apply to climaxes
and why mechanical
decisions almost always
result in losses.
Stepping Stone Counts

Mr. Evans uses a 50 year
old chart, not to discuss
the stock, but to
reinforces the Wyckoff
principles present in
New York Central. He
emphasizes the count
guide, the importance of stepping stone counts
and what principles to look
for as a stock reaches its objective.
The Importance of
Stocks move
in thrusts.

What messages do these
thrusts send to the
Wyckoff trader? Mr. Evans discusses this important principle in depth and
gives us some important
trading advice.
buy_now1headerbar3EE-44: Interpreting the Intra-day
In the stock market,
nothing ever happens
by chance. Mr. Evans
lectures on anticipating
what is about to happen
by analyzing the earlier
action and then
determining the cause
that will produce the
effect and the next move.
buy_now1headerbar3EE-46: Understanding
Selling Climaxes In this important discussion,
Mr. Evans answers
questions like: What is
a climax? What causes
a climax? And most
importantly, how do you anticipate the climax
and what actions
do you take?
buy_now1headerbar3EE-47: Buy the Ones
that are Moving

Where and how do you
find the stocks that will
make you a profit?
Mr. Evans answers this
critical question, but will
you take his advice?
Listen and learn
buy_now1headerbar3EE-49: Reviewing Price
Volume Principles
This interesting covers
a variety of Wyckoff
principles relating to
price and volume. This
little primer answers
many questions and
reminds us when we
should be buying stocks.
buy_now1headerbar3EE-51: Potential Trading Opportunities
In this lecture, Mr. Evans
studies a stock as the
action unfolds, so you
can discover, on your own, trading opportunities, as
they develop. A great way
to learn.
Trading a Higher Priced Stock
How important is the price
of a stock you are thinking
of buying? According to
Bob Evans, not very.
This lecture discusses
what to really look for,
when considering a
market position
What to Buy and When
Look for stocks that will
respond to the next rally
(or reaction). Mr. Evans discusses where they
are and what to look for.
Learning From Mistakes
Mistakes can be a great
learning experience. In
this lecture, Mr. Evans
looks at mistakes made
by Wyckoff students and
offers some good advice
on how not to repeat them.