Craig’s Corner

Craig’s Corner is dedicated to the writings of the late Craig Schroeder, who passed away on 2009. Craig, an owner of the Stock Market Institute of Phoenix, AZ was an outstanding Wyckoff educator and trader. Many of the articles listed here explain important Wyckoff principles and are invaluable to any serious Wyckoff student.

Craig Schroeder’s articles focus on the theoretical side of the Wyckoff approach to stock market trading. If you are new to the Wyckoff method, these articles form a basic Wyckoff primer to help you understand the enormous trading potential found by Wyckoff method students.

Perhaps you are a trader, unfamiliar with the Wyckoff method. You may have read articles or books about Wyckoff  or interacted with others who profess to be knowledgeable about the Wyckoff strategies and techniques. However, you have never embarked upon a step by step course of study intended to result in a working knowledge of the Wyckoff approach to technical trading in the stock market.

Others that can benefit from these articles are more experienced Wyckoff students.  You are traders and investors who have made a comprehensive study of the Wyckoff approach and who are using Wyckoff in your market operations.

Those of us in this group unfortunately have lapses
in memory during which we forget to employ a tool that Wyckoff has taught us and frequently pay a price for not remembering.

Continuing re enforcement of lessons previously  learned is the best way to keep our memories sharp and to reduce those potentially costly lapses to a minimum.

I hope you stop by Craig’s Corner on a regular basis and that these articles will provide some helpful ideas and concepts that will help increase your trading profits.

You can download these articles in Adobe Acrobat format from our achieves page.


Introduction to
Wyckoff Articles

Two Goals,
Three Laws &
Five Steps

The Wyckoff Method
Step 1

The Wyckoff Method
Step 2

The Wyckoff Method
Step 3

The Wyckoff Method
Step 4

The Wyckoff Method
Step 5

Analyzing Trends
Using the Wyckoff Method

Price & Volume

Figure Charts, Counts
and Counting

Directional Indicators and Timing Tools

Putting It All Together

Part One
New Positions

Part Two
Existing Positions

Other Markets

Trading the Bond Index

Buying Stocks: Opportunities and Tests

Buying Opportunities

Primary Buying Opportunities
Tests of Springs

Primary Buying
Back Ups

Primary Buying
Normal Corrections

Buying Tests
Part 1

Buying Tests
Part 2

Buying Tests
Part 3

Selling Stocks:
Opportunities and Tests

Selling Opportunities
Normal Corrective Rallies

Selling Opportunities
Rally Back to the Ice

Selling Opportunities
Up Thrusts

Selling Opportunities
Tests of Up Thrusts

Wyckoff Stock Market
Selling Tests – Part One

Wyckoff Stock Market
Selling Tests – Part Two

Wyckoff Stock Market
Selling Tests – Part Three

Misc. Analysis

Miscellaneous Articles
(associated charts are no longer available)

Analyzing the
Wyckoff Wave, O. P. Index and Trend Barometer – Trends

Analyzing the
Wyckoff Wave, O. P. Index and Trend Barometer – Trading Ranges

Analyzing the
Wyckoff Wave, O. P. Index and Trend Barometer – Points of Interest