Wyckoff Trading Strategies: Putting It All Together

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Measuring Relative Strength/Weakness

Measuring Relative Strength/Weakness One of the simplest Wyckoff concepts is one of the most important. It is the concept of relative strength or weakness. Stocks that have established themselves as being relatively strong vs. a general market index or a fixed universe potential trade candidates like the components of the Wyckoff Wave or the Dow

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Part One – New Positions

Putting It All Together Part One – New Positions Each Wyckoff concept by itself is relatively simple and easy to understand. If concepts developed in the market one at a time and isolated from all the others, applying the Wyckoff method would be very easy and all Wyckoff traders would realize a profit from every

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Part Two – Existing Positions

Putting It All Together Part Two – Existing Positions Wyckoff traders are always looking for their next potentially profitable trading opportunity. However, there is nothing more important than the management of existing positions. Part of putting it all together involves regularly and objectively reviewing the status of every open position. Regular reviews are easy to